Czech Space Week 2021: Space Architect Tomáš Rousek Unveils New Prague on the Moon and a Lunar Rover in Virtual Reality

This year’s Czech Space Week festival launched in style: on the surface of the moon.

The Virtuplex was transformed into a lunar landscape dominated by the model of New Prague on the Moon created by studio XTEND DESIGN. The central point of the tour was the Czech LUNIAQ rover inspired by Škoda’s cars.

Dozens of people including festival organizers and journalists flocked to the opportunity to virtually walk on the moon in the Virtuplex. While the first group observed virtual buildings modelled from lunar dust using 3D printing, the journalists could interview the work’s author, space architect Tomáš Rousek.

The 600m2 of space allowed for the buildings and the rover to be displayed in 1:1 scale, providing the feeling of actually being on the moon.

Representatives of 13 different media attended the press conference, including the main TV stations. Some 40 articles were written in the Czech media about the event, including Forbes and CzechCrunch.