Discovering the City: virtual reality at Virtuplex

At the beginning of December, an event called Discovering the City took place at Virtuplex, organized by the Prague City Planning and Development Institute.

How to find out if the complex house the architects are designing is going to fall down? Can we measure and count, or build it in virtual reality? Virtual reality is not only fun, but also a useful testing tool. How does it all look and work? 

These were just a small part of the questions that the visitors of the Virtuplex in Horní Počernice were looking for answers to during the Discovering the City project. 

For children and their parents, questions and tasks were prepared and everyone had the opportunity to visit selected development projects in Prague in virtual reality, try out how gravity works in virtual reality and, last but not least, as part of an excursion into the world behind VR glasses, they were transported to prehistoric times to meet dinosaurs and then to the future to a space base on the Moon.