Moon Camp Challenge students explore the mysteries of space in VR

Primary and secondary school students involved in the Moon Camp Challenge took a virtual walk on the surface of the Moon last week. Virtuplex hosted the same event for the second time.

The Moon Camp Challenge is organised by the European Space Agency's Education Office ESERO. It uses innovative learning technologies and challenges students to design their own moon site using a 3D modelling tool. Teams must design their camp on the Moon to suit its environment, consider the use of local resources and provide astronauts with protection and facilities to live and work.

One such base was designed by space architect Tomas Rousek of the XTEND Design architecture studio. The students involved in the competition were able to walk on its surface to get inspiration for the design of their own lunar base. The program also included a discussion on the topic of space conquest and a demonstration of 3D printing by Prusa Research.

"We are delighted to be able to continue the tradition from last year, when the Virtuplex hosted the same event for the first time as part of the school's Moon Camp Challenge. Our goal this year is to bring the winning student design into virtual reality, thus enriching our collection of virtual lunar bases," says Michael Sidó on behalf of Virtuplex.