Redstone Real Estate Uses VR to Find the Ideal Configuration for Galerie Pernerka

The need to fine-tune the key elements of a project led Redstone Real Estate to turn to the Virtuplex, which allowed the architect and developer to tour Galerie Pernerka in VR, and future tenants could as well thanks to the Virtuplex OS app.

Through its subsidiaries, Redstone Real Estate has been active since 2016 and has built exceptional and striking buildings with a high level of quality and timeless concepts. Its broad portfolio includes residential projects, industrial and logistics parks, as well as office complexes and retail and social centres.


The multi-functional Galerie Pernerka in Pardubice is a commercial project Redstone Real Estate would like to launch construction on at the end of this year.  A centre with 50,000m 2 for various types of tenants will grow up on the site of a former distillery offering a hotel, offices, space for a medical clinic, a spa, a movie multiplex, and an assembly hall for congresses and social events.

It was rather difficult for Redstone Real Estate and the architects at Chapman Taylor to fine-tune the configuration of individual parts of the building. Although the latest 3D visualization programs can display a future building very well, it’s usually just the architects that can imagine what the project will actually look like. This can make debates about changes to the project between the architect and

investor somewhat complicated.


VR allowed the developer and architects to see the project down to the smallest detail 

The developer decided to contact Virtuplex on recommendation of the architects and the key parts of the building were transposed into VR at 1:1 scale. The developers and architects then met to examine the hotel lobby, conference room, and exterior. They decided on changes after using the Virtuplex’s 600m 2 of VR space to move freely about the future building, and these were then immediately implemented and approved.

“Any mistakes or forgotten aspects are difficult and expensive to rectify once construction has been completed. Modern digital technologies allowed us to fine-tune the project with the architects so the space met our expectations. We were able to answer questions about key configurations and avoided changes during construction. We plan to use virtual reality in our future projects,” Redstone Real Estate owner Richard Morávek said.

Virtuplex OS provides remote access to the project allowing potential tenants and key partners to see the space in VR from any location

Redstone Real Estate then used the Virtuplex OS cloud platform to offer commercial units and other spaces to potential tenants from anywhere at any time without having to travel to the Virtuplex by using a special briefcase with a high-powered computer and a VR headset. After a quick and simple installation, users could immediately enter the future building and see spaces in virtual reality.

“Virtual reality is a great tool not just for feedback and optimizing a project, but also for its marketing,” Redstone Real Estate Commercial Director Jan Lukáš said of working with Virtuplex.