Slovak Telekom Leverages Benefits of VR to Renovate its HQ

The multi-purpose floor at Slovak Telekom’s HQ was optimized down to the finest detail and presented to the company’s management using VR.

Slovak Telekom is the largest Slovak telecommunications operator offering customers both fixed and mobile network services. It has also won a number of international awards for its advertising creativity and effectiveness, such as the Zlatý Klinec and the Effie. Slovak Telekom is also ranked among the top employers in Slovakia.

To improve working conditions for its employees, Slovak Telekom contracted the architects at Capexus to completely renovate its headquarters in Bratislava, which includes a specially-designed floor for employee gatherings and corporate events. The multi-purpose space is separated into several zones and includes a catering area, and IT room for customers, and a space for showing presentations.

Considering the complexity of the space, Capexus recommended working with the Virtuplex, which previously prepared a similar project for T-Mobile.

Perfectly Fine-Tuning the Space Virtual reality significantly helped the client test the architectural design. The leadership of Slovak Telekom visited the Bratislava Virtuplex to see whether the space corresponded to their ideas before launching the renovation and they were able to make any changes they wanted.

“We adjusted the use of individual surfaces, the location of furniture, and the size of monitors, for example. Those are details that we can’t get out of the blueprints. Virtual reality allows us to be sure the final space will look just as we wanted it to,” Slovak Telekom Head of Fleet, Facility and Rental Mngmt Silva Nagyová said.

Client Meets with Czech Colleagues in One Virtual Space

Virtual reality has become a tool that allows key stakeholders to see the entire space and all its details. Contrary to traditional 2D presentations, VR gives the experience of being in the renovated space itself. Furthermore, a colleague from T-Mobile in Prague was also able to virtually attend the final presentation for Slovak Telekom’s management. That allowed all decision-makers to discuss the project together while walking through its constituent parts, and they nearly forget they’re actually 300km apart.

Client Feedback

“I think virtual reality is ideal for a project of this type where the client is not 100% sure they know how to define their demands of the architects. It helps to assuage fears and works as an ideal channel for internal communication and to support the project as a whole.”

Silva Nagyová, Head of Fleet, Facility and Rental Mngmt, Slovak Telekom