The VR encyclopedia enables the use of virtual reality technology for the distribution of educational and informative content in museums, public libraries, schools and school or professional libraries.

Thanks to the VR Encyclopedia, visitors can experience a breathtaking atmosphere and chills from detailed virtual scenes that they will not soon forget! Take a trip into history or into the future. Learn about the discoveries of ancient masters, discover the life of dinosaurs, or peer into the far corners of the solar system with a stop at a moon base.
The VR Encyclopedia responds to the current need to disseminate information in the fields of education, science, history, technology or industry into an online space that allows this information to be absorbed in the most natural way - experientially. Virtual reality is a way of transmitting information that involves other human senses - movement, voice and touch, which helps to understand the presented content and its subsequent processing. Information provided in a proactive form in a virtual environment is received and retained by users up to 75% of the time, as opposed to verbal information transfer (5%) or reading (10%).
The VR Encyclopedia uses content hosted on its own cloud-based platform, which allows content to be added regularly without the need to physically update the VR glasses or PC used. Each month, the offer will be VR scenes will be expanded with new experiences every month.

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1. december 2021

The Virtuplex virtual reality development laboratory unveiled a unique use of VR for planning and simulating military missions

Replacing some of the expensive or unaffordable training of soldiers with virtual and augmented reality will be here within a few years. We can already do it today, says František Mičánek, dean emeritus of the NATO Defence College, Rome.

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8. november 2021

Walking on the Moon: Virtuplex Presents a Model of New Prague in Virtual Reality Including a Lunar Rover Concept

All you need to travel thousands of kilometres and walk on the moon is to put on a headset and a backpack.

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The project called "VR educational platform" was implemented with financial support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the programme The Country for the Future.