AMESIDE: One of the Largest Czech Development Projects Comes Alive in VR

Developer AMADEUS Real Estate once again taps virtual reality as an effective presentation and sales tool.

Amadeus Real Estate has more than 30 years of experience in building, operating, and leasing commercial, office, and residential real estate. It’s been active since the 1990s and has completed more than 20 projects. Amadeus Real Estate worked with the Virtuplex in the past on the renovation of the iconic Máj department store and based on this past success decided to use virtual reality on its new, massive AMESIDE project.

This new neighbourhood in the centre of Pilsen will offer public spaces, residential units, stores, offices, restaurants, and underground parking over a total area of 200,000m2, which Amádeus Real Estate had transposed into virtual reality.

Virtual Reality as a Presentation Tool

Presenting the project to key individuals is a crucial part of the development plan. Virtual reality greatly accelerates this process and transforms a standard boring presentation into an extraordinary experience, which positively influences key partners as well as potential commercial tenants and owners of residential units. It also brings more credibility to the project in the eyes of the public and future clients.

Besides presenting the project, the client also used virtual reality as a sales tool for residential units that are part of the AMESIDE project. This allowed future owners to have a real image of what their homes will look like. The option of freely moving around the space in life size is the main added value of VR, which a standard visualization can hardly replicate.


“Cooperation with the Virtuplex proved itself on the OD Máj project, which is why we decided to work with them again on the much more complex AMESIDE project. The Virtuplex is an excellent sales and presentation tool and is irreplaceable in visualizing the space.”

Karolina Ötwösová, Head of Marketing, Amadeus Real Estate