Virtual Reality Improves Real Estate Sales Tatry Mountain Resort (TMR) leverage the benefits of virtual reality in the transformation of an old building into a luxury hotel at the Bešeňová water park.

TMR is among the top hospitality companies in Central and Eastern Europe active in three main segments: mountains and amusement parks, hotels, and real estate projects.

TMR’s portfolio includes 10 ski resorts in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Austria, 20 hotels, and the Tatralandia and Bešeňová water parks.

Virtual Reality as a Sales Tool

Bešeňová is a very popular water park that will soon be complimented by a newly renovated luxury hotel that will offer several apartments for sale. In an effort to provide customers with a new experience, TMR wanted to allow them to see inside spaces that don’t exist yet and thus launched cooperation with the Virtuplex.

“We plan to use virtual reality to sell the apartments during the project and construction phases of the project. We believe VR technology will bring the client a good idea of the final product and thus be certain in their decision to purchase,” TMR Real Estate Director Igor Mráz said.

To facilitate this presentation, TMR will receive VR sets that will allow potential buyers to tour their possible future properties in virtual reality at the company’s headquarters. This eliminates the need to reserve time in the Virtuplex space for every potential customer.

Virtual Reality Helps Perfect the Design

Thanks to the Virtuplex, the client was able to see the renovated building in the surrounding landscape and evaluate the impression it makes. They were also able to see a model room and confirm the design. If changes are needed, they can be immediately applied and perfected. The virtual tour also included a walk on a balcony equipped with a spa water bath. This feature is included in every apartment, making them even more exclusive.

“Cooperation with TMR shows the wide range of uses for virtual reality. The client can work with it throughout the project from the approval of the design to harmonizing individual details up to the final sale of the unit,” Adriana Zalová from the Virtuplex said.