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Let the customer design your shop. How to increase revenue and margins? A store that works great for the customer! What should be the logic of category placement, category structure, role of brands, including private label? How to resolve conflicts in the checkout zone, limit losses and risks? How to effectively implement promotions?

Allow Customers to Design Your Stores

A finely tuned store will boost revenue and margins. Use Virtuplex to find the best locations for goods, their categories and structure, and the roles of brands including private brands. Resolve conflicts in the check-out zone and limit losses. Find the optimal locations for promotions.

Examples of the use of VR for retail chains

The Layout of a Supermarket Entrance

The client can model the optimal layout of entrance elements, i.e. security gates, location of disinfectants, areas for flyers, information stands, etc.

Entrance Area Ergonomics

The client can test the size, format, and ergonomics of cart and basket locations, the ease of entering security gates, customer conflict zones, etc.

Promotions, Thematic Islands

The client can test the locations of islands, their composition, materials, brand and product mix, and the use of POS materials and their visibility from various locations in the store (to test for communication conflicts, accessibility of the product, etc.)

Store Layout – Sightlines

A customer’s overall satisfaction is greatly influenced by easy wayfinding and the sightlines and views within the store. Find the logical paths and destinations through a store for your main target audiences by selecting the right shelves, their location, the width of aisles, and the location and the visibility and colours of wayfinding signage. Promotional signage must also be balanced with navigation.

Testing POS Materials – Floor Sticker

You can significantly boost the effectiveness of promotions through the size and location of POS materials, which all can be tested in a real store environment in Virtuplex to find the optimum mix.

Set the Right Layout of Aisles and Passages

Minimizing conflict zones in passages increases the size of the average purchase and customer satisfaction. Use Virtuplex to test the right balance between easy movements with different size shopping carts and baskets to find the best solution.

The Best Solutions for Aisles – Location of Categories, Brands, Number of Facings, and POS materials

What is the best location for the category?

Where should it be in the store, in what context, and on what shopping paths? Where to put individual categories, brands, and SKU? Find the right combination of the number of facings, POS materials, and locations. Test an unlimited number of aisle locations with immediate feedback from customers.

Choose the Best Formats and Creative Solutions for POS Materials

Discover what really captures your customers’ eyes and which POS materials and creative concepts are the most effective. What does the customer remember from the promotion and how does that connect to the brand’s other promotions and communication? Virtuplex helps you answer these vital questions.

Brand and Product Selection

How does a customer select a brand or product? What influence does price, location on the shelf, the brand and product context, and the use of POS materials have on customer decisions? Virtuplex allows you to find the right mix for your brand, products, and campaigns without massive investments into new shelving. You can also test various seasonal or other optional shelving solutions.

Location of Secondary Displays on Palettes

Palette displays are one of the most common and effective methods of presenting promoted goods. Test to find the best locations for goods, the size, height, and content of the palette island, as well as brand communication and prices. Locating palettes at the beginning of aisles can maximize revenues from your retail space. It also allows you to test customer reactions for various groups (i.e. price-sensitive, families with small children, etc.)

Optimal Solutions for Shelve Fronts

Virtuplex helps you maximize revenues and margins by making the most-purchased items in an aisle more accessible to customers, as well as low-key promotional events or those with just a few selected items. Find which brands, prices, and sizes boost customer spending.

Behaviour of Groups of Customers, the Influence of the Crowd, and Conflict Situations

How do customers behave in a group, in pairs, as a family, or as grandparents with their grandchildren? How do crowd dynamics work? How do they feel about packed shopping spaces? Where are the conflict zones? Use a virtual store to monitor customer reactions and make changes. Find the most practical layout solution with colleagues from various departments, suppliers, and agencies.

Effective Solutions for Check-Out Zones to Maximize Revenue from Impulse Buys

Check-out zones are usually pain points for retail chains. Enough check-outs must be available to comfortably service customers, but finding the appropriate number is often difficult and costly to achieve. But you can compose the ideal check-out zone before construction begins both from the point of view of the customer and your cashiers. Maximize impulse buy revenues in check-out zones with the ideal locations, mix of goods, and appropriate POS materials.

Effective Workplace Solutions – Check-Outs

Every minute is precious, so setting the optimum ergonomics for cashiers and other personnel is exceptionally important. Use Virtuplex to test and create the best solution for your people to make them efficient and keep them safe and satisfied.

Optimizing Self-Service Zones

Design self-service zones to maximize revenues from floor space, employee ergonomics, customer satisfaction, and adhere to work and safety regulations. This goes beyond self-checkout zones and includes price scanners, scales, the packaging of goods, and loyalty programs. Virtuplex will help you increase effectiveness and the satisfaction of both customers and employees while limiting losses.

Use of Equipment by Personnel and Customers

Staff training in a real store environment - Allow your future staff to get a feel for the sales floor before the store is open. Prepare for the arrival of your customers, practice new processes and procedures, and test out logistics and movement within the space.

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