Hospitality Industry Can Now Benefit from Virtual Reality

Tatry Mountain Resorts (TMR) uses VR to perfect its design for the Central Hotel in the Jasná Ski Resort.

TMR is among the top hospitality companies in Central and Eastern Europe active in three main segments: mountains and amusement parks, hotels, and real estate projects. TMR’s portfolio includes 10 ski resorts in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Austria, 20 hotels, and the Tatralandia and Bešeňová water parks. Seven of TMR’s hotels are in Jasná, the largest ski resort in Slovakia. The company will soon add an eighth hotel, the Central, which has been under construction since last spring.

TMR decided to work with the Virtuplex and leverage the benefits of virtual reality in the entire process of building this new hotel that will become the centrepiece of Bílá Púta.

“We considered using virtual reality for some time, but the available solution didn’t correspond to our demands. Visiting the Virtuplex in Bratislava was like entering a whole new world whose “reality” pleasantly shocked and surprised us because we could view the entire project down to the smallest details,” TMR Real Estate Director Igor Mráz said.

Virtual reality proved itself as an excellent tool for perfecting the architectural design and eliminating any risks of overlooking specific details while also being able to see the project in its surroundings and contexts. The project could be seen in any scale as well as walk around and tour selected interiors of the building.

The virtual model will serve as an excellent tool to present to local governments and future clients. TMR has thus saved time and money that would have been spent on physical mock-ups. Furthermore, the entire decision-making process associated with construction was accelerated and simplified.

“The expectations we had since the beginning were completely fulfilled. We acquired a more accurate idea of our plan in the context of the space and the location. The entire construction process was sped up and simplified. We also very much appreciated the chance to tour the building in 1:1 scale. The feeling of walking around the future building was an amazing experience not just for us, but for our partners as well.” 

Igor Mráz, Director, TMR Real Estate