The Future of Air Travel Presented in VR

The media lined up to experience the future of Urban Air Mobility in VR,
with TV crews from Czech Television and CNN Prima News attending,
as well as prestigious technology magazine Wired.

The largest virtual reality space in Central Europe, the Virtuplex, went into the future for a day during the media event to unveil vertiports for unmanned airborne vehicles that will one day carry passengers and cargo. This urban and intercity air transport concept will one day contribute to improving transportation within and between cities.

How does the concept work, and how long will it take to implement it in the Czech Republic? Journalists learned about these topics and more at the event organized by the Czech Aerospace Research Centre (VZLÚ), which leads the Vertimove vede (Vertimove Leads) project. Besides a virtual vertiport for landing AI-piloted drones, participants were able to view a ¼-scale prototype of the aircraft and a life-size version of its interior.

The project was presented VZLÚ CEO Josef Kašpar and Petr Raška, the head of the centre’s unmanned systems department. Institutions participating in the project were also represented, including the concept’s architect Michal Postránecký.

Attendance at the Virtuplex was high, including two TV crews and Czech Radio, as well as representatives of specialized media such as,, and A total of 20 different media were accredited for the event.