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It is often difficult to visualize all the details of an architectural design, and often even the visualizations of 3D models do not provide the right information for the investor's final decision. Building development is about changing briefs, design variations, perception of mass, choice of materials and last but not least working with light. It is a demanding process involving many people.
It would be great to walk through the building in a working group before the actual implementation begins, to see the scaled down project in the context of the surroundings in terms of urban planning, to perceive the architecture as a work of art and also to present the building to clients or tenants.
You can already do all this thanks to virtual reality (VR). Virtuplex helps investors, architects and designers to deliver buildings through a unique combination of VR technology, a proprietary software platform and the world's largest virtual reality hall.

Experience your builds before they actually happen and save time and money.

Do you want to experience your development project in virtual reality?

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7. september 2023

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24. august 2023

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14. august 2023

Virtuplex Showcases Transformation of St. Gabriel Church in VR

Cooperation with the Virtuplex provided the client with a singular tool to present its project to key investors while perfecting the architectural proposal.

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17. july 2023

Virtuplex Presented at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Festival goers could tour projects we’re putting together with our client Tatra Mountain Resorts.

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