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1. december 2021

The Virtuplex virtual reality development laboratory unveiled a unique use of VR for planning and simulating military missions

Replacing some of the expensive or unaffordable training of soldiers with virtual and augmented reality will be here within a few years. We can already do it today, says František Mičánek, dean emeritus of the NATO Defence College, Rome.

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8. november 2021

Czech Space Week 2021: Space Architect Tomáš Rousek Unveils New Prague on the Moon and a Lunar Rover in Virtual Reality

This year’s Czech Space Week festival launched in style: on the surface of the moon.

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8. november 2021

Walking on the Moon: Virtuplex Presents a Model of New Prague in Virtual Reality Including a Lunar Rover Concept

All you need to travel thousands of kilometres and walk on the moon is to put on a headset and a backpack.

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19. october 2021

Virtuplex Helps Families with Seriously Ill Children

The first Ronald McDonald House is being built in the Czech Republic to help
children with serious illnesses and their families.

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1. september 2021

Employee Training in Virtual Reality: A New Sector for the Virtuplex

High-quality training of personnel demands significant time and financial investments for every larger enterprise regardless if it is because of employee turnover or the creation of a new branch, store, or other facility.

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1. april 2021

Thanks to VR, a visualization of part of the Masaryk Station revitalization project was created

Penta Real Estate Group approached us for cooperation on one of the best architectural projects in the Czech Republic - the revitalization of Masaryk Railway Station.

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1. march 2021

Case Study: New Customer Approach Erste Premier

Erste Group contacted us based on great references from its subsidiary Česká spořitelna, which has worked with Virtuplex for years – most recently to develop a Prague branch of its Erste Premier brand.

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