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7. july 2024

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21. june 2024

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29. may 2024

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16. may 2024

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25. april 2024

Czech National Pavilion for EXPO 2025 Comes Alive in Virtual Reality

Representatives of partner companies, regions, cities, other institutions, and even journalists were able to tour a virtual twin of the pavilion before the launch of its construction.

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21. march 2024

Virtuplex Develops VR Training Software

Education of employees is now faster, more secure, and less costly. Virtuplex’s VR training software is a revolutionary way to approach employee education and development.

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19. february 2024

Interactive VR Application Presents Prague’s New Main Train Station to the Public

The client effectively leveraged VR data to allow the public to see into
the future.

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18. january 2024

Prague as an Ideal City for Connecting Vertiports with Existing Transportation Systems?

What is the future of Urban Air Mobility, what is Czechia’s potential in this field, and how can virtual reality help?

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1. december 2023

Mobile Virtuplex Travels to Customers Around the World

The Virtuplex has visited its clients in Croatia, Hungary, and Slovakia, bringing the singular experience of virtual reality to them, and Procter&Gamble now regularly uses this service.

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22. november 2023

Czech Aerospace Research Centre Presents Future Air Transport Concept at the Virtuplex

Air taxis will one day carry passengers from Prague’s Main Train Station to Prague Václav Havel Airport in 4 minutes, or travel from Prague to Karlovy Vary in 26 minutes.

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10. november 2023

The Future of Air Travel Presented in VR

The media lined up to experience the future of Urban Air Mobility in VR,
with TV crews from Czech Television and CNN Prima News attending,
as well as prestigious technology magazine Wired.

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20. october 2023

Virtual Reality Improves Real Estate Sales Tatry Mountain Resort (TMR) leverage the benefits of virtual reality in the transformation of an old building into a luxury hotel at the Bešeňová water park.

TMR is among the top hospitality companies in Central and Eastern Europe active in three main segments: mountains and amusement parks, hotels, and real estate projects.

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