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24. june 2022

Procter & Gamble’s Use of Virtual Reality to Present Products Fosters Better Discussions with Partners

Improving communication with partners, better use of resources, and demands for innovative consumer research brought Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Virtuplex

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29. april 2022

Tourists Can See the Czech Republic in Virtual Reality with CzechTourism’s App

This virtual guide will take people to spa town Mariánské Lázně, the Žofín ballroom, a village celebration in Moravia, and to the Prachov Rocks.

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21. april 2022

Students Tour Moon Base and Discuss Space Colonization in the Virtuplex

Twenty talented students in the Moon Camp Challenge project organized by the European Space Education Resource Office exchanged their desks for virtual reality goggles last week.

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1. march 2022

Residents of Černošice got acquainted with the new cemetery in VR

A new memorial site will be built on the outskirts of Černošice near Prague, where its inhabitants will be able to say goodbye to their deceased. They could see what it will look like today.

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15. february 2022

Virtual reality begins to have a firm place in architecture thanks to ČVUT University

The use of VR in architecture has been booming recently. Students of the Prague CTU, with which Virtuplex has established cooperation, are also learning how to use it in their profession.

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1. february 2022

Commercial Centre Máj: Virtual Reality Helping to Lease Commercial Space

Amádeus Real has more than 30 years of experience in building, operating, and leasing commercial, office, and residential developments.

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15. january 2022

Marco Donati: Virtual Reality Turns Stores into Brand Hubs Where You Can Present Their History and Philosophy

Italian architect and designer Marco Donati, the founder of the renowned Storage Milano studio, authored the concept of Vermont’s exclusive multi-brand stores that the company had transposed into virtual reality in the Virtuplex.

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30. december 2021

Vermont’s Management Toured Its First Multi-Brand Store Before It Was Built

Therefore they confirm the design and adjust before construction began.

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15. december 2021

DARAMIS: Project in Virtual Reality and Save Time and Money

Previously, they had to return to specific points in the construction several times. Now, the investment company Daramis takes a look at the project in virtual reality and has clarity.

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1. december 2021

The Virtuplex virtual reality development laboratory unveiled a unique use of VR for planning and simulating military missions

Replacing some of the expensive or unaffordable training of soldiers with virtual and augmented reality will be here within a few years. We can already do it today, says František Mičánek, dean emeritus of the NATO Defence College, Rome.

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8. november 2021

Czech Space Week 2021: Space Architect Tomáš Rousek Unveils New Prague on the Moon and a Lunar Rover in Virtual Reality

This year’s Czech Space Week festival launched in style: on the surface of the moon.

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8. november 2021

Walking on the Moon: Virtuplex Presents a Model of New Prague in Virtual Reality Including a Lunar Rover Concept

All you need to travel thousands of kilometres and walk on the moon is to put on a headset and a backpack.

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